State of Repair – Vacant Museum – Londres

Participo da Exposição internacional , “State of Repair”, pela galeria Vacant Museum, de Londres, com a obra “Mulher Fragmentada”.

Link oficial da exposição:

A state of repair is not a bad place to be. In fact, to reach a state of repair implies there is hope that the worst may be over and that new possibilities might be on the horizon. But only from an outsider’s perspective does a state of repair appear this way, and unfortunately not a single one of us can say we currently stand on the outside of a situation in desperate need of repair. At this very moment in time, it seems necessary to dismantle the optimistic illusion of what it means to exist in a broken state and instead turn to picking up its pieces.

Over 30 international artists have shared work in this exhibition which speaks to our present state of repair. The artwork featured here touches on all forms of healing, restoration, and reconstruction. There are projects which explore transformation and transition, pieces which speak to collective potential in fixing broken systems, and works which undergo repairs and remodels themselves. We hope that visually, this exhibition is anything but what you might expect. States of repair exist in many forms and perhaps we all see this current global one a little differently. Perhaps that’s not at all a bad thing.


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