International exhibition – A piece of my Colomba – Milan – Italy

From 12 June till 10 of August I´ll be part of international exhibition “A piece of my mind Colomba , a realization after the Online AIRO residency I´ve been selected to be part this year through Milan art gallery Coldbench.

A group of artists united to bring a conforting message during quarentine and isolation times of COVID. All located in affected countries, telling their isolation times memories and feelings and expressions. Bringing a “Colomba cake” of art to the world.

A “Colomba cake” is a traditional easter cake from Italy, also common here in Brazil too. It brings a message of rebirth as the rebirth of Christian Easter message.

The work I developed during this residency is separated in 2 styles.

The painting ones have a biblical symbology linked to the isolation feeling.

The photos are part of a serie called “Holliday floors” , during Easter time using ingredients to bake an easter cake and my surroundings through isolation.

These works make me fell better in the sense that life continues and now, even is a hard time , is the moment we can rediscover ourselves and find news ways of living. Also a period of recognizing the small simple things in life we must feel grateful for . The painting “spring” is a rebirth after loosing the “paradise”.Life goes on and so will we.

Bellow is the complete exhibition Catalog. Cheers!!


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