Imprints: Past & Present – Por Vacant Museum Londres

Faço parte , após seleção criteriosa, da exposição “Imprints: Past & Present” , organizada por Vacant Museum de Londres.

Palavras do curador

Dear Viewer,

Welcome to Imprints: Past & Present! Below you will find a collection of works which reflect on the passing of time and the paradoxes of our current reality. Your journey down this page will allow opportunity to pause, dwell, and consider experiences both foreign and familiar. While our title for this exhibition announces a stark juxtaposition, this curated selection of works accomplishes the exact opposite. What happens to our perspectives when we blur the line between past and present?

As we transition into a new year, consider that many marks of the past might be left over, imprinted on our world. In time, they may fade, or be maintained for the sake of reflection, or transformed into something greater. The past may always be imprinted on our present, but as we merge with the future, perhaps we can change the way we choose to feel its impact.

This collection below features over 45 spectacular pieces by artists around the world. As we complete our second year in operation, we must express our deepest gratitude for all of the amazing participants and supporters of the Vacant Museum. It’s a privilege to be passing through linear time with wonderful people like you.

Wishing all Vacant artists and viewers a bright and warm 2021, see you soon!

Connections of the soul

Mixed technique on Fabriano paper, 40x5cm


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