Connections of the soul

I realized this serie called “Soul connections”, during an art residency in pandemic times.
This is about how we connect to our souls, and what is soul. Everything that make who we are, how we can grow and change through experiences ,bad and good ones.

Especially now, that we are faced with death and restrictions due the Covid19 Pandemic, we are forced to face our inner shadows, scars and vulnerabilities.

“Brugmansia suaveolens”, 40x50cm . Mixed thecnique.

“Fragmented woman” Painting and collage

“Connecting the dots” – Painting and Collage

“Growing within” – Painting and collage

“Inner feelings 1” , “Inner feelings 2” – Painting and collage

“Growing hands”, Painting and collage

“Nature cry” – Painting and collage

“Torns” – Painting and collage


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